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Types of Facebook Users

Facebook users generally fall into one of these 9 categories.

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Press Release Porn and Sex Addiction

Porn and Sex Addiction App Launched


SEATTLE – July 15, 2013 The renown Netherlands-based rehab treatment center Ready For Change has developed a comprehensive and unique sex addiction application for smartphones. The App has been designed by a team of psychiatrists, specialists and (former) sex addicts to provide directions and assistance to sex addicts.

The global launch of the Sex Addiction App will be in English in order to serve as many users as possible.

Sex screening test
The App can be downloaded from the Apple and Android Application stores. The App includes features such as a “sex screening test,” designed to help in the assessment of sexually compulsive or addictive behaviors. This unique test has been developed in collaboration with hospitals, treatment programs, private therapists and social groups.

Direct contact with counselor
The app also includes a 0800 number for immediate assistance. This way the user has the ability to contact a counselor directly. The App also provides a ’12 step program ‘, a guide to lead you through the rehabilitation process.

120 days without sex
For former addicts the App also contains a program that allows them to calculate their ‘sex sober time’ i.e. how many days he or she can survive without sex. There’s also a button for “relapse prevention” containing information about self-help groups in the vicinity of the App user. The App also contains sections with practical information for partners, friends and family.

Interviews sex addicts
Another unique characteristic is the fact that this App has been developed together with (former) sex addicts. Before entering into a partnership with Tristit, the Seattle-based mobile technology company, many in-depth interviews were held. The objective was and is to truly understand and meet the needs of sex addicts themselves.

Implementing modern technology in counseling
According to Ready For Change Director Richard van den Ende: “The sex addiction App is an excellent example of how modern technology can be used to raise awareness and subsequently to create a new perspective for addicts. Professional assistance is essential in these. Sexual addiction is a growing problem and among other factors caused by the large amount of freely available porn over the Internet.

About Ready For Change
Ready For Change is specialized in the treatment of addiction to alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, GHB, gambling, sex and food. The App is free to download from the App store.

About Tristit
Tristit is a global mobile technology and media company headquartered in Seattle, USA.

For more information please contact:

Richard van den Ende of Ready For Change

Tel: +31 88 7323942 or +31 64 201 47 24

E-mail: .

Internet: .


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