Blackberry App World 2.0 – Important updates

1. App World 2.0 Enables Web-to-Phone Downloads

App World 2.0, now introduces Web-to-phone downloads where mobile users now can surf to the online storefront and buy apps from the Web. Those apps are then sent to their Blackberry device. Users do need a Blackberry ID to use this functionality. The transfers of apps from PC to mobile are being done through a browser plug-in. Next to app downloads user are also able to read and write reviews.

2. Apps Can be Distributed by QR Code

App World 2.0 also offers the opportunity to create QR codes (2D barcodes) for apps. This technology can be used in app advertising and clearly opens up the door to new advertising opportunities. One can think of putting QR codes in business cards, advertisements and other marketing materials.

3. Operating Billing

After credit card billing and PayPal support operator billing is now also possible however available on supported carriers.

4. Credit Card Payments Now Accepted

App World 2.0 now supports credit card payments (Visa & MasterCard only) for app downloads particularly aimed at professionals seeking business apps and paying it with their company card i.e. company account.

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