Cow farming crowned Apps 4 Africa competition winner

iCow, an application to help cow farmers maximise breeding potential by tracking the fertility cycle of their animals, won the first ever Apps 4 Africa competition held to find new talent as smartphones become increasingly popular in Africa.

The competition, offering a prize fund of $5,000, had entrants from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. It asked developers in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania to come up with a mobile application that could be widely accessed, easy to use and simple.

The US government-funded competition hoped to unite the most talented of African developers with people who could benefit most from innovate mobile technology.

Launched in July in Nairobi, the competition attracted 20 entrants, with each offering a unique approach to improving life in the region.

Charles Kithika, the app's creator, said: "It is a voice-based application, meaning they don't have to have a special smart-phone.

"[They] just need an ordinary phone and then dial in a toll-free number."

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised the competition entrants. She said: "The ideas generated from this competition will help doctors monitor the growth and nutrition of young patients, will help expand trade by translating prices and quantities into local languages, will hold public officials accountable by reporting election violations and tracking public expenditures.

"I want to thank you for lending your innovative spirit and creativity to the enterprise of building a better future for your communities."

Source: African Business News

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