Facebook application offers MBA degree

The London School of Business & Finance is to offer a degree which can be earned through an application on Facebook. The Global MBA app, which launched last month, has attracted more than 30,000 users, and offers the first internationally recognised degree available through the social networking site. Any Facebook user is free to install the app, which includes course material consisting of video lectures, interactive message boards and a note-taking tool. Unlike many online courses, the Global MBA program will not charge an up front enrollment fee, with students only paying once they are ready to sit for their exams. College administrators hope that offering course material for free before charging tuition will allow students to “test drive” the online courses, boosting graduation rates. With an extensive collection of online study material consisting of 80 hours of web video, the MBA program offers additional content once students seeking formal accreditation choose to enroll in the paid course. After paying a total cost of £14,500, students are required to sit for examinations. According to the London School of Business & Finance, 500,000 prospective students are expected over the next year to test-drive the online free-content paid-tests model. Go to article.
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