Glance at mobile Internet and mobile applications.

Mobile applications are the talk of the day, if you haven’t noticed yet. Many consumers unlike what was happening during the first Internet boom at the end of the last century are savvy users but there’s still confusion. The different operating systems such as Android, iOS of Apple, Symbian, Windows phone 7 and BlackBerry are each fighting for their own market share on the smartphone market. The winner is already picked by the market as Android with Apple to follow although BlackBerry and behind them Windows phone 7 are certainly not on the losing side yet. Each mobile operating system or manufacturer has its distinctive unique selling proposition but certainly one of the most decisive factors are the amount and quality of mobile apps that are available in each particular operating system i.e. mobile application store. App stores or rather applications stores because Apple claims to own the rights to the word App Store and this is currently challenged in court by Microsoft, are now arising in a mind blowing pace in the mobile Internet landscape. Every mobile operators, mobile technology company and hardware manufacturer is either building one or thinking of entering this market as well. This will certainly lead to only a few global app stores leading the way but that fight has not been fought yet and the winners are hard to predict. Apple most probably will go its own way and again marginalize itself by keeping everything closed while carried by their hardcore followers. Apple is predicted to settle for a 10 to 15% market share in the smartphone market by 2013 although needless to say that predictions stay predictions especially in this current landscape. Android as said before will most probably become the winner as the leading OS but the Android store will not necessarily follow ever since it is open source and therefore enabling many other suppliers as well to enter the app store market with their own stores and distribution platforms. Nokia is fighting a lost war with Symbian however can be expected to launch their newest operating system Meego developed together with Intel. BlackBerry with its faithful followers like Apple will remain to be a force to be reckoned with in particular now they’re also entering the tablet market with their Playbook. All in all exciting times where we only in a few year and perhaps even longer will realize how big this next boom really was. Land grab is what is now going on. Don’t miss the opportunity!
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