Is Apple evil?

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Apple needs to open up and stop their quest for ruthless control over the end user. One can use any MP3 player connected as a mass-storage device with a single exception of the Apple Ipod. One can install any application they want even on a 50 dollar phone but not on the Iphone. On any other operating system one can access an API to control hardware directly, even patch the kernel if one feels like it, and install pretty much any piece of hardware that fits in a slot. Their actions show that Steve Jobs is a control freak and Apple refuses to let others play in their sandbox. They’re the clique in school that need you to want to be them, but refuse to let you join their club. Any attempt to break into their group is met with lawsuits or changes to their software to stop you from doing so (example: Palm Pre.). They lock people into their ecosystem, then block anyone who tries to give those people another choice. I just hope Apple and Steve Jobs don’t gain any more ground. I can’t imagine what his ego would allow him to do if he had more market share. Apple is a disease affecting the IT world. This world should revolve around interoperability and open platforms, not closed solutions. And no, Apple is not going to be hit by any investigations because it is a “darling”.
As a software developer, Windows is the platform of choice because of the size of the user base. When the iPhone took off, it looked as though it would be the mobile platform of choice from a developer standpoint (or at least this developer’s standpoint). Now, I could never justify a business decision to put resources into the development of an iPhone app, regardless of market share or mindshare, when Apple can decide for any reason that an app is unacceptable. Long term, Apple is slowing innovation on their platform and pushing developers to other platforms.
What do you think?

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