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Angry Birds Space, the latest game in this multi-million selling mobile phenomenon, launched this month. Developer Rovio has had a hit on its hands ever since the title first surfaced towards the end of 2009 on the Apple iPhone and in the interim it has gone on to sell in vast quantities across a range of mobile platforms. Analysts are anticipating that Angry Birds Space will help Rovio see the franchise net over a billion downloads this year. The iPhone and Android iterations of Angry Birds Space seem to be largely identical and there is an HD iteration for the iPad available. Initially it seemed as though Windows Phone, Microsoft`s increasingly popular mobile operating system, would be left without Angry Birds Space after a Rovio statement suggested that a port is not being developed. However, it subsequently retracted this announcement and confirmed that it is working on translating the sure fire mega-seller over to WP smartphones. The question which will be on the minds of most mobile fans is which platform will offer the definitive iteration of Angry Birds Space. It is necessary to discount the iPad version since mobile games are not really supposed to be compared to alternatives found on devices with larger screens. However, there are still plenty of fresh smartphones out there which might make a suitable accompaniment for the game and if you are upgrading soon it might be sensible to think about the suitability of your intended purchase, particularly if you love all things Angry Birds. The bright, colourful world of Angry Birds Space deserves a big, high resolution screen with great performance. That means it might be worth looking for a model with Super AMOLED technology because this offers improved contrast ratios and deep colour pallets as standard. Models like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Motorola Droid RAZR both fit the bill. The upcoming Sony Xperia S, with its 4.3 inch HD display might also be suitable despite its lack of Super AMOLED components. These bigger screens are only found on Android devices, since the Apple iPhone range is fixed with 3.5 inch displays across the board. However, the high pixel density of the Retina Displays found onboard the iPhone 4 and the newer iPhone 4S help to make up for this fact. Crisp graphics and smooth animations, combined with excellent physics, have defined the Angry Birds series in the past, which is why the iPhone helped to catapult the game into the mainstream market in the first place. As such the iPhone range is still a great place to experience Angry Birds Space. Interestingly the best platform for Angry Birds Space could well be the one for which it has yet to be released. Windows Phone benefits from Xbox Live integration, which enables gamers to enjoy a deep, meaningful play experience on their smartphones, earning achievements and Gamerscore just by playing the titles they love. Hopefully developer Rovio will fast track the development of Angry Birds Space so that it can appear on mobiles like the Nokia Lumia 800 and the HTC Titan II.
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