Mobile Ability: The Transformational Impact of Wireless Innovation for People with Disabilities

“All of society benefits from the widespread use of accessibility features such as captioning, speech recognition, and speech output. Now is the time to engage in this endeavor in earnest and show that we do indeed believe that this is a big deal, for people with disabilities and for all Americans.” — FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, “Delivering on the Promise of Equal Access to Broadband for People with Disabilities” Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Washington, D.C. March 10, 2010 In each of our modern lives, broadband holds a pivotal key to enhancing economic opportunities, expanding access to education, improving our health and participating in civil society. Nowhere is this potential more powerfully on display than at the intersection of broadband and mobility. And, arguably no community has put this nearly limitless potential to more transformational use in their daily lives than the 1 in 5 Americans who, today, are living with disabilities. Go to article.
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