Mobile Internet billing solutions - You need it.

When it comes to mobile billing, making the right choice is essential while determining the right business model for your mobile application or mobile Internet site. Slowly we can start to kiss goodbye the good old premium SMS billing methods. There is a lot of confusion even among industry players for billing solutions come in many different shapes and sizes, still evolving during what we now can state without any hesitation, namely the mobile Internet boom. In-app billing as we know it from Apple's App Store is build upon more than 200 million credit card accounts of its users. Apple has by-passed mobile billing much to the dismay of mobile network operators and others like Google are also gaining market share with a similar model although working more closely together with mobile network operators pursuing a more hybrid model by combining operator billing and credit card billing. New mobile billing companies are emerging and they are doing just the same thing. Soon we'll start to handle each billing method based on its own merits. Until then happy mobile billing. You need it.
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