Mobile Web users choose browser over apps – Orange

Smartphone users in Europe's mature markets prefer to access and consume online media via their handset's Web browser rather than mobile applications, according to research published by Orange on Wednesday. The information collated through the study will be vital for advertisers looking to use the mobile channel, Orange said at a press event in London on Tuesday.

Called Mobile Exposure 2010, the study was carried out on the operator's behalf by market research firm TNS, which surveyed 5,350 smartphone users and conducted 2,000 interviews with consumers spread evenly between the U.K., France, Spain and Poland.

The research found that in the U.K., 7 out of 10 mobile media users engage with mobile content using their handset's browser instead of apps. The picture is similar in France, with 68% accessing content via the browser.

However, in Spain there is an appetite for both browsers and applications, with users of each standing at 42% respectively, while in Poland more consumers choose to access the Web via apps (45%), than browsers (39%).

"In France and the U.K. where the mobile Internet is more established, there are more optimised Websites for phones and the experience is better, encouraging higher browser usage," said Paul Francois Fournier, EVP of Orange's online and advertising activities. Read further...

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