New eBay app simplifies buying a Ferrari on your mobile

Bored? Why not buy a Ferrari as you sit in your seat at a football game this weekend? It's apparently happening three to four times a month on eBay's mobile application. The online bidding service says it will see more than $1 billion for all kinds of merchandise off its mobile apps this year, a big chunk of it for cars -- exotics and otherwise. That includes several Ferraris a month. So next year, eBay plans to launch a new app just for car buyers and auto parts hunters. That's a screen shot of it at right. EBay Motors, as the section for cars and trucks is called, will not only have an easy-to-find listing of all auto offerings, but will allow fans to create their own fantasy garages of dream cars. For those squeamish about making a big purchase like a car from a smartphone, eBay is making sure the new app includes access to Auto Check, the service that looks into a car's history to check for accident damage or other big problems. Go to article.
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