Nokia moving from Symbian to MeeGo

Yesterday, had reported about the rumours saying that Nokia is planing to port all its future N-Series devices to the upcoming MeeGo platform. Nokia's N-Series is known for its line-up of feature packed phones that Nokia calls "mobile computers". These phones are powerful devices that cram in a lot of features ranging from multimedia abilities to office applications. In short, the N-Series are adept at handling anything you throw at it. The series did give a path breaking and revolutionary handsets like the N91, N73 and the N95 - which were amazing devices of their time. All these phones had one thing in common - their Symbian Operating System. In fact, the N-Series and Symbian had become synonymous. That is about to change now.

A Nokia official has reaffirmed that the N8 is going to be the last N-Series device with Symbian. The device runs Symbian^3 has a 12 megapixel camera and like its predecessors - is a multimedia powerhouse complete with an HDMI port. However, the phone is crippled by the OS which even after being an updated version continues to be outshined by more contemporary OSes like Android and the iOS4.

Nokia, however, has an ace up its sleeve in the form of its upcoming MeeGo OS that would be used in the future N Series phones.  MeeGo is being developed by Nokia in collaboration with chip giant Intel and is expected to land on main stream devices by the end of 2010.

Of course, this doesn't mean Symbian will die a slow agonizing death. Symbian will continue to be used on its X, E and C series devices. Symbian^4 too is in the making as of now and is expected to be a decent upgrade over the current versions of Symbian when it arrives later this year or by early 2011.

The first Nokia MeeGo N-Series devices are expected to be launched by early 2011.


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