Report: HTC planning app store launch

HTC is readying its own app store, according to a Financial Times (FT) report, with the company hiring staff in preparation. The intention is to offer content including ebooks and magazines as well as apps, with the smartphone player hiring “content editors” for the launch. It is creating a small team based in Taiwan, and will work with staff globally in order to localise its products.

The move would see the company joining the ranks of vendors offering app stores, which already includes Apple, Nokia, Research In Motion, Samsung and Motorola. The FT says that HTC’s action comes against a backdrop of increased competition as vendors work to differentiate their products – HTC is under pressure from fast-growing rivals including Samsung. It has also recently launched its website, to enable customers to manage data on their handset from a PC.

HTC currently offers smartphones powered by Android and Windows Phone 7, both of which are already supported by app stores from Google and Microsoft. In addition, the company also has a track-record of working closely with operators to customise devices, with many operators also already having their own app store strategies. HTC already has a deal in place with Kobo to offer ebook content, although the current work is believed to go beyond this.  Go to article.

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