Traditional E-commerce vs Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce or m-commerce has already changed the e-commerce landscape fundamentally and it will continue doing so for a long time to come. The explosion of applications and smartphones and tablet devices that can access online services together with faster networks across the globe have been key triggers of this shift. M-commerce is different from e-commerce. In fact you can’t see it apart from e-commerce therefore we, at Tristit, see traditional e-commerce and e-commerce as it is today differently, namely an integrated ‘mobile first’ approach with social media features and multiple doorways, such as web, mobile, iOS, Android and Facebook shops i.e. entrees. Tristit adheres to the any time, anywhere and any device principle. Mobile devices have very different limitations compared to desktop computers. On the other hand they create huge opportunities. For instance; they are always with you, give you the possibility to look things up while on the go and already they are starting to replace our wallet. As developments continue in a mind dazzling pace we can expect our mobile devices to become assistants in the near future. Assistants who will take a much bigger part in daily life and will act more and more pro-actively and intuitively as your relationship progresses i.e. data of your usage and behavior are stocked up and open for analysis by smart software. Surely key issues like interoperability, security, usability and privacy still continuously need to be addressed. Companies need to be aware of the dramatically changing e-commerce landscape and first and foremost need to seamlessly adapt and integrate mobile into their existing proposition. The days of having merely an online desktop shop are over. Harshly put it's adapt or cease to exist. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information. Tristit TMAP Team - June 2014
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