Tristit Mobile Applications Store - Beta launch

Tristit Group, a major developer of mobile technology platforms has launched the Tristit Mobile Application Store, a high-end online shop for mobile applications.

Tristit offers free powerful, ready-to-use mobile applications and services that target individual needs and functions in the broadest sense.

The new Application Store (Web: Mobile: offers next to Tristit produced mobile applications also 3rd party offerings creating an unique and profitable eco-system, with new apps being added every day. Applications range from games and travel guides to social networking apps and mobile blog management sites.

According to Goksal Sahin, VP business development at Tristit: “The apps available via our new mobile applications store will allow users all over the world to find exactly the right application they need for free. With three app plants and our applications store combined we are confident that we will be able to maintain our place as a dominant player in the global app market.”

The Tristit Mobile Applications Store will also provide developers tools to market their own applications. After joining the developer program developers will have a permanent free listing with guaranteed traffic and will also be able to create premium listings, determining their own price  per download. The Tristit Mobile Applications Store will create a global sales and marketing market place for all developers and publishers.

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