Why you should choose Tristit e-commerce solutions

Perhaps at this moment you are debating how to choose between various e-commerce platform options. If you’re small enough then perhaps Tristit TMAP is not the right solution for you. There are plenty of low-cost and easy to build beautifully designed online e-commerce providers however unfortunately all of them have their limitations and potential downfalls. However if you aim to become a serious player and are big enough to require a platform with more horsepower yet you don’t want fall into the trap of huge mounting costs with no real transparency then Tristit TMAP MC 4.2 is absolutely the right solution for you. Hereunder you’ll find arguments why you should prefer Tristit above other vendors for your new e-commerce development or existing e-commerce platform:
  • Tristit TMAP MC 4.2 is a fully developed multi-channel turnkey e-commerce solution with an easy-to-use yet powerful content management system and online marketing platform. Customers have a seamless experience when using your ecommerce website, mobile site or applications (both Android and iOS).
  • Tristit TMAP MC 4.2 offers a solution that is fully transparent without any hidden costs. Unlike most other e-commerce solutions our architecture is not designed to push your business, while you are growing, to a more expensive e-commerce solution i.e. package nor are we charging by the hour. Even our most simple solution has enough horsepower to handle heavy traffic and thousands of requests per day without the need to upgrade to a more comprehensive package nor for expensive front or backend developers.  You only have to worry about your core business, marketing and sales. We also do not have extra ‘premium’ plugins or anything else that you would have to pay for in later stages.
  • You only pay a fixed monthly fee. There are no hidden costs. Turnkey delivery time including Android and Apple iOS apps is most of the time less than 4 weeks.
  • Tristit TMAP's management tools are robust, flexible and highly configurable for just about any administration task or API connection you might have in mind.
  • You can view, manage and update orders and send update notifications via push notifications, email and SMS.  The information relating to the order is all kept in the same CMS.
  • Tristit TMAP offers user rights management. You can control who sees what and who can use certain functionalities within your organization as well as controlling the features available to your customers.
  • Tristit offers a range of powerful marketing features and services that allow you to engage more professionally with your customers, which will boost repeat sales and higher lifetime customer value.
  • We are active across the globe with offices in the USA, Indonesia, Germany, Nigeria, the Netherlands and Turkey.
  • We give 24/7 true support directly from one of our own offices. Our support does not depend on call centers or 3rd party developers.
  • SEO, customer value management, conversion rate optimization and analytics are all included. Reporting and analytics tools that allow you to view how many visitors your platform is receiving, how many app downloads you have, how they behave, the rate at which those visitors convert into paying customers, and statistics relating to location, demographics, order value and frequency, only to name a few.
For more detailed information concerning our different solutions please visit http://tristit.com/en/products
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