Windows Phone 7 As The Enterprise Phone

There have been reports today based on a post from a company in the UK, which has been widely circulating on the web indicating a lower preference for the Windows Phone 7. While many may debate the validity of the blog and the associated comments, the whole thing could be laid to rest by Microsoft publishing numbers related to sales. They have been releasing information on the Marketplace in what seems to be weekly reports. This has been all about the consumer market and in the past, Microsoft has done an outstanding job working with companies to help define their computing needs and in the process selling a lot of software. Could Microsoft’s strength with the Enterprise customers be the area which they can leverage to make the Windows Phone 7 successful? Their history and profits have long been with companies and there is no reason they could not take those successes and contacts to push their Mobile OS. RIM is vulnerable right now as they are losing to the iPhone and Microsoft has a phone which can communicate with the back office in companies. This is a big deal. There is built in security, which corporations are always concerned about along with the ability to have SSL data encryption, another favorite for companies. Read further.
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